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Hey Taylor Swift, Post Malone called and said you've Got Some Big Shoes to Fill!

Updated: Mar 22

It's easy to forget about the past, but let's take a second to remember that until pretty recently, the Kansas City Chiefs hadn't won a Super Bowl since the 1969 season. It's also easy to forget that Post Malone was the pop star who partied with the Kansas City Chiefs on the night of the Super Bowl victory parade in 2020, long before Taylor Swift was even in the picture!

Postie is a massive football fan, he invited the Super Bowl champs to their show at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, and it was a special night for everyone involved.

Imagine this: The quarterback, tight end, and other players had their own section, all cordoned off, to enjoy the show in peace. Here's the great part – Malone, a dedicated Cowboys fan, paid his respects to the Chiefs by sporting a Mahomes jersey onstage. Patrick Mahomes was genuinely touched by the gesture!

But that's not even the best part. Before the concert, Post Malone personally invited the team and their significant others backstage for a private dance party and some friendly beer pong. It was a chance for everyone to unwind and enjoy each other's company.

Here's where it gets impressive: These guys had been celebrating since the crack of dawn because of the Super Bowl parade earlier that day. Mahomes and Kelce were seen enjoying a few cold ones on the parade bus, keeping the spirit alive for over 12 hours straight. Now, that's dedication.

Let's hope they can make it happen again, and they beat the San Fransisco 49ers!

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