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Music meant the world to your loved one, and they collected it all of their life. Their collection brought them joy for years, but they’ve passed on, and have had to leave their belongings behind. It’s a tough situation that nobody wants to deal with, but also one of the harsh realities of life. We’re here to help, and want to make the process of passing on their music, as easy for you as possible!


Typically, large vinyl record collections go up for liquidation, along with everything else, at an estate sale, or auction. However, a lot of sellers don’t realize just how problematic this can be, especially if the person had thousands of pieces of media and/or memorabilia!


When selling a large record collection at an estate sale, you’re at the mercy of the estate sale company, and the general public. What typically happens, is the public will pick through everything, and leave the majority of the collection behind. Once all of the really good stuff is gone, you may still be left with thousands of vinyl records that you have no idea how to liquidate. You may be forced to sell them for pennies on the dollar, or may even have to donate them, just to get them out of your way. This is where we can help!


We will make a cash offer on the ENTIRE collection, BEFORE it goes to the estate sale. We will come to you, look through the collection, and make you a reasonable offer on all of it. Once we reach a deal, we’ll manage the hard work of hauling everything off, and passing them on to other collectors, who will enjoy them just as much as your loved one did.

We’ve purchased tens of thousands of vinyl records from many different sources, and we’ve simplified the process, from beginning to end. We also have the budget and means to buy ANY size record collection. Sometimes collections go for hundreds of dollars, and sometimes they go for thousands, depending on what’s in them, and how well they’ve been taken care of. Why sell a small portion of your love one’s collection, for $2 each, when you can relieve yourself of the task of moving them, and make more money, by selling them all at once?


When you’re ready, please give us a call at 417-228-0084, or send us an e-mail at There’s no need to make a list, or organize the records for us, we’ll come look at them wherever, and however they are. We also buy CD's, cassette tapes, audio equipment, and memorabilia.  We are based in Springfield, MO, but will travel for the right collection! Click the button below to CALL NOW!!  

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