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Introducing... 417 Top 5!!

417 Top 5 is a YouTube series hosted by comedian Chris Grant, that focuses on all things 417!!


Hey, what's up, guys? I'm Chris Grant, and you are watching 417 Top Five. Today's episode is packed with exciting topics. We'll be talking about Perfect Tilt Pinball, an upcoming comedy show in Ozark, Missouri, some highlights from WTF 417, a rap duo named Sugar Rush and Sprinkles, and the recent comedy roast battle at Foreman's Basement. Stick around and thanks for tuning in to 417 Top Five!

First, I want to thank our official sponsor, Heavy Heads Records. You can use a coupon code if you download our app from the Google or iPhone stores. Use the coupon code "TRYAPP" for 25% off your first purchase. And now, our unofficial sponsor for this video, Hoods Truck Stop out in Bodark, Missouri, just down 44 on your way to Joplin. Great late-night eats, open 24 hours. Special shout out to Matt for keeping those hash browns and pancakes coming.

First on the agenda today is Perfect Tilt Pinball. This is an interesting story. I've known Brandon for a while; he's bought a few records from me. He's the owner of Perfect Tint, which now includes Perfect Tilt Pinball. They started out small in the corner of Perfect Tint's shop and have grown into their own location at 521 South Glenstone. Brandon takes great care of these games, ensuring they’re in perfect working condition. They even have a great selection of music-related pinball games, including titles like Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and ACDC.

Next, let's talk about the Eagles Lodge comedy show in Ozark, Missouri. This will be my second comedy show that I've produced. We had a great turnout for the first one at QKA on Commercial Street. The lineup for this show includes Eric Paulson (EP), Braden Jones, me (your humble host), Katie Still, and headliner Nick Laser. Nick and Katie are both fantastic, and I’m excited for you all to see them.

Speaking of local comedy, there was a roast battle recently at Foreman's Basement in Springfield. Layton Flatt is producing these shows with Levi Light providing the venue. The battle came down to Mick Rice Hall from Kansas City and local favorite Carter Pfankuch, with Carter taking the victory. It was an intense and entertaining event, and I love seeing these underground comedy shows thriving.

Now, let's talk about local music. I have to mention Shape Eater, one of our unofficial sponsors, hence the hat. And let's dive into Sugar Rush and Sprinkles, a rap duo from Springfield, Missouri. I discovered them through one of my record store customers. Their videos are fun, and they don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love. Look up "Text Rhinestone" on YouTube to check out their work.

Before we wrap up, a quick shout out to our third unofficial sponsor, Reynolds Wrap. They’re helping me block out those radio waves with this hat. Lastly, WTF 417 always provides some hilarious content. There’s no shortage of entertainment there.

If you liked this video, please like, share, and subscribe here on YouTube. Share it around on Facebook, comment below, even if it’s a hateful comment. It all helps with engagement. Let me know if you have any other topics or local events you want me to talk about next time. Check out my record store and other content. Catch you next time!

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