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A Brief History of the Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO

The Pythian Castle in Springfield, MO, is a fascinating building with a rich and varied history that spans over a century. The castle was originally constructed in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal organization founded in 1864 that aimed to promote fraternity, charity, and benevolence. The castle quickly became a focal point of the community, hosting a variety of events and gatherings.

The castle's architecture is a unique blend of styles, with elements of Romanesque Revival and Gothic Revival architecture. The building's facade features a prominent tower with a spire, decorative brickwork, and arched windows. The interior of the castle is equally impressive, with ornate woodwork, stained glass windows, and intricate details throughout.

During World War I, the castle served as a training center for soldiers, and many of them reportedly died during their training. This dark history has contributed to the castle's rumored haunted nature. Visitors and employees have reported experiencing strange occurrences and seeing ghostly apparitions throughout the castle.

In 1942, the castle was purchased by the U.S. government and converted into a military training center for the Women's Army Corps (WAC). The castle was used to train women in various skills, including Morse code, map reading, and vehicle maintenance. The WAC also used the castle as a barracks, and many female soldiers lived and trained there.

The castle's connection to the military has added to its haunted reputation, with many visitors reporting sightings of soldiers and female soldiers in uniform. One of the most well-known ghost stories associated with the Pythian Castle is that of the "Lady in White." According to legend, a woman in a white dress appears in the castle's tower window, looking out over the city. The story goes that the woman was a bride who was killed on her wedding day, and her spirit now haunts the castle.

Another popular story involves the ghost of a little girl who reportedly appears in the castle's basement. According to the legend, the girl was killed in the castle during the 1920s and has been haunting the castle ever since.

Despite the many ghost stories associated with the castle, not everyone believes in its haunted nature. Skeptics argue that the stories are simply legends and that there is no evidence to support the existence of ghosts in the castle.

Today, the Pythian Castle is a popular event venue, hosting weddings, concerts, and other special events. The castle's haunted reputation continues to attract visitors who are interested in history, architecture, and the paranormal. The castle also offers guided tours, including ghost tours, that allow visitors to explore the building's rich history and learn about its many uses over the years while also experiencing its reportedly haunted nature.

The Pythian Castle is a unique and fascinating building that has played an important role in the history of Springfield, MO. Its architecture, military history, and rumored haunted nature make it a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the castle is worth a visit to experience its rich history and beauty firsthand.


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