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The Story Behind Michael Jackson's Well Deserved Production Credit for the Album "Thriller"

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album is a masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences around the world. One of the many fascinating aspects of this album is the producer credits listed on the back of the album cover. These credits reveal the key players who helped bring Michael Jackson's vision to life, including the legendary Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson's own father, Joseph.

When "Thriller" was released in 1982, Michael Jackson was already a superstar. He had released "Off the Wall," which was produced by Quincy Jones. For "Thriller," Jackson knew he wanted to work with Jones again, as he respected Jones' musical talent and the chemistry they had developed on their previous collaboration.

Jones, in turn, assembled a team of talented musicians and producers to work on the album, including Bruce Swedien, who served as the primary engineer and mixer. Swedien was a longtime collaborator of Jones and had worked on "Off the Wall."


However, Michael Jackson was not content with simply being listed as the album's performer. He wanted his name to appear alongside Quincy Jones and his father, Joseph. This was an unusual move, as it was not typical for performers to be credited as producers on their own albums. It is important to note that only the first pressings of this album do not include Michael Jackson as a co-producer on the back cover.

Michael Jackson's desire to be listed as a producer on "Thriller" was driven by his passion for the project. He was deeply involved in the creative process and had a clear vision for what he wanted the album to sound like. He worked closely with Quincy Jones and the other people involved to shape the songs, write lyrics, and even create sound effects.

Michael Jackson was the driving force behind "Thriller," and his contributions to the album were critical to its success. By insisting on being credited as a producer, he was acknowledging the hard work and dedication he had put into the project.

The producer credits on the back of the "Thriller" album cover are a testament to the collaborative effort that went into creating this iconic album. They serve as a reminder that great music is often the result of talented individuals working together towards a shared goal.

Michael Jackson's desire to be credited as a producer on his "Thriller" album was an expression of his deep involvement in the creative process and his commitment to making the best possible music. Alongside Quincy Jones and his father Joseph, Michael Jackson played a critical role in bringing this groundbreaking album to life. Their collaboration and dedication produced an enduring masterpiece that continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.



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