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The Trouble with Some Girls... The Story of a Rolling Stones Classic

Updated: Feb 6

The Rolling Stones' "Some Girls" is a critically acclaimed album that was released in 1978. The album features hits like "Miss You" and "Beast of Burden," but it's the album's original cover that caused controversy and trouble for the band. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the use of famous celebrities on the first pressing of the album and how it caused the band trouble.

The original cover of "Some Girls" featured a collage of images of famous women that had been taken from various sources. The women included Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Farrah Fawcett, and others. The cover was designed by Peter Corriston, who had previously worked with the Rolling Stones on several album covers.

The use of these images caused controversy and legal troubles for the band. Many of the women depicted on the cover were still alive and had not given permission for their images to be used. The estates of some of the deceased women also objected to their images being used without permission. The Rolling Stones were sued by several individuals, including Lucille Ball, whose lawyers claimed that her image had been used without her permission.

The controversy surrounding the album cover forced the Rolling Stones to quickly replace it with a different cover for subsequent pressings of the album. The new cover left out the celebrities, but kept the black and white photographs of the band members.

Despite the controversy, "Some Girls" was a commercial success and has since become a beloved album among fans and critics alike. The album explores a variety of genres, including rock, funk, and punk, and features some of the band's most memorable songs.

In conclusion, the original cover of "Some Girls" caused controversy and legal troubles for the Rolling Stones due to its use of famous celebrities without their permission. The band was forced to quickly replace the cover with a different image, but the album's success and legacy have endured. "Some Girls" remains a must-listen album for any Rolling Stones fan and a testament to the band's musical legacy.


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