A double 180-gram heavyweight vinyl edition of The 13th Floor Elevators' incendiary debut album from 1966 featuring newly remastered mono mixes plus the original stereo mix in the band's intended running order. Previously only available as part of the award-winning 'Music Of The Spheres' boxset, this is the first vinyl reissue in over four decades sourced from original tapes for the stereo version. LP1 is the remastered mono edition and LP2 a remastered edition of the original stereo mix.


  • 1 You're Gonna Miss Me
  • 2 Roller Coaster (Mono LP Version)
  • 3 Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) (Mono LP Version)
  • 4 Reverberation (Doubt) [Mono LP Version]
  • 5 Don't Fall Down (Mono LP Version)
  • 6 Fire Engine (Mono LP Version)
  • 7 Thru the Rhythm (Mono LP Version)
  • 8 You Don't Know (Mono LP Version)
  • 9 Kingdom of Heaven (Is Within You) [Mono LP Version]
  • 10 Monkey Island (Mono LP Version)
  • 11 Tried to Hide (Mono LP Version)
  • 12 You Don't Know (Stereo LP Version)
  • 13 Thru the Rhythm (Stereo LP Version)
  • 14 Monkey Island (Stereo LP Version)
  • 15 Roller Coaster (Stereo LP Version)
  • 16 Fire Engine (Stereo LP Version)
  • 17 Reverberation (Doubt) [Stereo LP Version]
  • 18 Tried to Hide (Stereo LP Version)
  • 19 You're Gonna Miss Me (Stereo LP Version)
  • 20 Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) (Stereo LP Version)
  • 21 Don't Fall Down (Stereo LP Version)
  • 22 Kingdom of Heaven (Is Within You) [Stereo LP Version]

The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13TH Floor Elevators - [2LP] 180 gram vinyl