Break the Curse is a demo album recorded in 1990 by Australian Christian metal band Mortification and released in 1994. The album focuses on Mortification's thrash metal style rather than their later death metal. Five tracks were re-recorded for the band's eponymous debut studio album, Mortification (1991). One song was re-recorded for Mortification's third studio album, Post Momentary Affliction (1993). It was re-released on Rowe Productions in 2001 with updated artwork, an updated album booklet, and remastered audio. The album was re-released on Roxx Records as Break the Curse 1990–2010: 20th Anniversary Gold Edition in 2010 as a two-disc set with a CD containing bonus tracks and a DVD containing footage from Mortification's first crossover concert on 15 June 1990 at Harvest Centre in Melbourne, Australia, and later on vinyl as Break the Curse 1990: 25th Anniversary in July 2015.



A1 Blood Sacrifice  
A2 Brutal Warffare  
A3 Impulsation  
A4 Turn  
A5 New Beginnings  
A6 Break The Curse  
B1 Illusion Of Life  
B2 Your Last Breath  
B3 Journey Of Reconciliation  
B4 The Majestic Infiltration Of Order  
B5 Time Crusaders (Bonus Track)

Mortification - Break the Curse 1990 [25th Anniversary][LP]

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