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Double vinyl LP pressing. When There's Love Around is an album of two halves. The first is "about feeling small and insignificant and stressed," Kiefer says. "It's about things that cause me to worry, but at the end of the day, are probably unimportant from a larger cosmic perspective." The nostalgia of looking through old childhood pictures in one of the lead tracks, "I remember this picture," is reflected on the album cover, a Polaroid of Kiefer and his sister, painted by Mikey Yates. The album's second half is more reflective and spiritual, it's cathartic mood occasioned by the loss of Kiefer's beloved grandmother. While grief and loss are main themes, the tone is still largely positive - Kiefer describes himself as an optimist.


1. introduction (0:51)
2. i remember this picture (3:34)
3. lift somebody up (4:43)
4. earthly things (5:04)
5. crybaby (4:47)
6. curly (4:38)
7. a wish for you (1:49)
8. loving hands (2:07)
9. Areti’s Love (3:52)
10. with you where you are (2:05)
11. when there’s love around (5:04)
12. i love my friends (4:13)
13. thinking of you (vinyl bonus track) (4:11)

Kiefer- When There's Love Around [NEW][2LP]

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