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Elise Krentzel's electrifying memoir, "Under My Skin: Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll," swiftly soared to the top spot on Amazon's new releases list across a multitude of captivating categories. From Rock Band Biographies to the intricacies of the Music Business, from the realm of Rock itself to the enchanting lives of Composers & Musicians, not to mention the uncharted territories of LGBT Travel and Jewish Life, Elise's memoir triumphantly claimed the #1 position in each one.


Within the pages of her memoir, Elise fearlessly unveils her extraordinary journey through the tumultuous era of the 1970s, taking charge of her destiny and etching her name into the annals of rock journalism, all while still in the bloom of her teenage years. A prodigious talent, Elise was nurtured by her parents from an early age, encouraged to explore the realms of music, singing, and writing. However, beneath the surface of her seemingly idyllic upbringing, a disheartening truth lurked: she was never truly allowed to embrace her authentic self.


Secluded and alienated, Elise concealed her true identity, growing adept at donning a mask and embodying a stranger within her own skin. The harrowing experiences of her formative years left an indelible mark, fostering an enduring sense of distrust towards everyone she encountered, most notably herself. Through her memoir, Elise bravely unravels the complexities of her journey, offering an intimate glimpse into the very heart of her being.

Elise Krentzel [NEW][BOOK]

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